Welcome to MISS MILIS!


My name is Milis Ndiaye and I am the founder of MISS MILIS, a West African inspired clothing brand.

We are currently producing clothes, bags and accessories.


Born in Sweden of a Senegalese father and Swedish mother, I possessed a relentless creative spirit and an eye for detail from a very early age.

As a fourth generation tailor and designer, I've been influenced and inspired by my family and I have always thought outside the box and striven to bring new ideas to life.

Starting my own company seemed a natural progression from my way of living and seeing the world.

I'm fortunate to bring the color, life and culture from Africa to Sweden, 

a place of high design standards and fresh forward thinking ideas.


My passion is to create beautiful classic wearable clothes and accessories.​

The colors and designs make me feel happy and it brings me great joy to share that happiness!

The products are not mass produced and only a few editions are available at each collection.

I'm so glad that we at MISS MILIS are creating work opportunities for the Senegalese people and it is our wish to continue building on that as a fair trade practice.


Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the collections!